My Coins Count
My Coins Count -   Water for the World

My Coins Count (formerly Penny Power) has been a part of Black Swamp Benefit since 2002. The funds from My Coins Count are contributed to Mennonite Central Committee.  A person can survive for weeks without food, but will die in a few days without water. Yet, for many families around the world, this basic need is out of reach. Mennonite Central Committee works to fulfill the need for safe, clean water and to help families and communities gain access to this vital resource.   Over the past twelve years Black Swamp Benefit, with the help of 12 Northwest Ohio Churches and many matching donors, has contributed $403,238.

Your loose change, placed in the water jugs in your church, is an example of how small contributions from many people add up to make a big difference in the lives of those in need. Area churches run contests and promotions throughout the year to encourage the collection of small change. Thanks to matching donors, we are able to double every dollar raised for My Coins Count.

My Coins Count – Water for the World is not just a seasonal project but rather one that your church can do throughout the entire year.  MCC and both offer ideas for promoting and involving your congregation in meeting the needs globally and locally.


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